February 3 to March 6, 2014

The exhibition features 40 works chosen from various artists with an aesthetic criterion: the red color as a starting point. Within a range of different styles, they all make a coherent group of affinities that is not always formal.

The treatment each artist imprints onto the red and its shades on the chosen medium – paper, fabric, wood – come together with great plastic coherency.

Sometimes the red bursts out of the fabric or paper dramatically (Pakovska,Torner); others, more subtly so, like a brushstroke integrated into the work ( Sacerdote, Grilo, Stupía) In many cases, such as the work from Arden Quin, Paternosto, Macaparana, Sclavo and Estrada, color is “concrete”, smooth, an excuse for the form.

Other artists that make up this tribute to red in all its variants like Lecuona, Fernandez-Muro and Arnaiz, use different visual languages, but with high aesthetic unity.

The exhibition includes works by Carmelo Arden Quin, Carlos Arnaiz, Estrada, Antonio Fernández-Muro, Sarah Grilo, Juan Lecuona, Macaparana, Kveta Pacovská, Cesar Paternosto, Gustavo Torner, Ana Sacerdote, Fidel Sclavo, Eduardo Stupía.