KIRIN – Entrelíneas

June 16 to July 28, 2014

The Jorge Mara – La Ruche Gallery presents a new exhibition of KIRIN, that artist whose mysterious name somehow seems to anticipate the semantic suggestion emanating from his own work, always refined, subtle and invariably mysterious. This time, Kirin is internal, with the sensitivity that characterizes him, in the territory of collage and objects, exuding a kind of undercover story or initiatory journey, which stations would be each of the two and three dimensional lyrical pieces included in the exhibition, and which insinuate as recovered files or alchemical work tables taken form some secret cabinet.

As one who leads a heterogeneous record of intimate sign language, the most unique experiences, the artist orchestrates with meticulous formal balance, deeply personal, eloquent counterpoint of visual aids. His work is rich in pictorial resonances, transferred images, fonts, and drawn frames that lovingly mystify the viewer, making them participate in that modest ritual that in KIRIN is always the visible expression of his refined artistic quality.

In the text from the catalog that accompanies the exhibition, the prestigious Spanish philosopher and professor, Ignacio Gomez de Liano points out: “Kirin combines elements of the past with the present, elements of the Baroque tradition with other elements from modern informality from the art of memory with others from the art of perception. This is why we are dealing with liturgical art to a certain extent.

Kirin is a master artist, a mason artist, who when translating his visions into painting or sculpture, constructs a spiritual path that points to self-discovery, self-realization. Accordingly, Kirin´s art is initiative art, from initiation to higher and more radical forms of life.”